Clay work

Some clay work in the studio. Used acrylic colours for the painting. Many thanks to friend, director Rajesh for immediate and excellent camerawork.


Bsecure Doors

Press ad illustration for ‘Bsecure Doors’ ( a Bajaj product ). Presented few more exaggerated rough ideas given by the director predicting secure and durable doors from thieves, as well from termite.
Among those, finalized one is on the top.


Talking tree

Concept painting for the animation project called ' Siddharth'. Worked on this in 2003.
But project did not reach beyond the story board stage.


Sant Dnyaneshwar

Sant Dnyaneshwar was a yogi from 13th century (1275-1296). Dnyaneshwar composed "Dnyaneshwari" at the age of sixteen, to explain sacred knowledge of the holy book Bhagavad Gita specifically for common man. He took Sanjeevan Samadhi, a yogic path to salvation by giving up life at the young age of 21.

Rough (MTDC)

Illustration for press/magazine ad for Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC).