rupesh said...

hi shishir,

I just stopped by to see your latest work...Well worth it! this is beyond words! they are inspiring as always! ... Your site is awesome! You are a wonderful Artist . ...
and 1 thing ,
Would you be interested in sharing knowledge ,join up concept art forum: ... it is really great place for artist .

Tom said...

Wow, fantastic painting. All of your latest posts have been wonderful. I must come back more often!

shishir naik said...

Rupesh thanks,
Definitely, the www.conceptart.org is a great source to get inspired from.
Got to see amazing works from lot of talented people.
As well get some valuable tips about their working processes by various artists,
which really helps improvised artistic skills.

Thanks Tom, and keep coming.

bheeshoom said...

this lion series is rocking man! keep it up! this last one i like alot!

shishir naik said...

bheeshoom, Thank you very much!